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About Where Lilacs Bloom

 Can American citizens be arrested, and indefinitely detained in America without due process of law?

Where Lilacs Bloom was published in 2000, before 9/11 and subsequent actions by the US Government. The book predicted people would be detained and held without due process.

In this intriguing drama, religious extremists abandon the GOP and form the GOD party. They bring pressure on the GOP administration to stifle free speech. This is the story of one woman, Amy Flintridge, who is held, and not allowed contact with anyone. Her family has no idea where she is and the press ignores the story, partly because of some governmental nudging. She exists in a no-man’s land, outside of the legal system.

What could lilacs have to do with a presidential election? In a presidential election year, the confrontation between repression and expression comes to a head. In prison, Amy Flintridge gets a message to her family which serves as the catalyst for protests where lilacs are always present. Protesters, afraid of their government, hold signs containing just one word. They say nothing. Could such a protest make any difference?

How Flintridge survives this isolation, and how her family develops a protest movement that eventually impacts the presidential election, and brings about her freedom is the story. It’s one of import now. In 2017.

From Kirkus Review:

….”in Amy’s stream-of-consciousness musings, the author is able to let loose and deftly escape the confines of conventional prose….Requist’s provocative premise is intriguing, her lucid theme of fighting censorship is noble, and her astute observations about modern politics are prescient…”