Lois at launch
Lois Requist

I studied in the creative writing program at San Francisco State University, where I received an BA & MA in the 80s. Since then, I’ve had numerous publications, including two books: Where Lilacs Bloom and RVing Solo Across America Without a Cat, Dog, Man, or Gun. Publications of poetry, newspaper articles, fiction and nonfiction include weekly columns—Caffeine Chronicles at BeniciaPatch.com, and Personally Speaking for the Contra Costa Sun. Other places include Alaska Quarterly, Amelia, San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, Futurific Magazine, Monterey Life, Oakland Tribune, Benicia Herald, Oh! Idaho, Old West, Rocking Chair Reader-Coming Home, Sacramento Magazine, Survivors Review, ehow.com, and Trillum Literary Journal.

Active for many years in the League of Women Voters, I served as President of the Diablo Valley and Benicia Leagues, and on the board of the California LWV. I was Executive Director of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, in Lafayette, California. In Benicia, I cofounded Carquinez Village, which connects, supports, and inspires seniors in this area. I’m also active in Benicia Literary Arts.

On the personal side, I love travel and have moved about the world extensively besides the RV trip which led to the book mentioned above. And, I very much enjoy the small community of Benicia, California where I live and prosper! A waterfront community, I’ve been the Poet Laureate here and continue to be active in the writing community. Walking all over town helps me stay fit and healthy. I can walk to the gym, the post office, library, Starbucks, The Rellik, First Street Café, and anything that is downtown. So, I walk past my car often. I have a network of friends and family that support and challenge me: they don’t all agree with my opinions! No kidding! Once in a while, I’m wrong. Though I’ve lived most of my adult life in California, I’ve written a good deal about Idaho, and I return there regularly to see family and friends. Benicia has alleys and that may be part of the reason it connects me in some way to Nampa, Idaho, where I grew up. A small town feel. So, I’ve always been an avid reader, interested in politics, and trying to understand the universe I live in. I still have lots of work to do, in that regard. I’m very grateful for my friends and family and all the good things in my life.